Our solutions perform the most advanced quantitative analysis of medical imaging (ultrasound, MRI, CT), flow analysis, intracardiac flow analysis and quantification, unique tools for experimental studies on small animals.

About us

AMID (Advanced Medical Imaging Development) born in 2000 from academic collaboration of its founders for interdisciplinary research.
That led to innovative concepts and solutions in cardiovascular imaging.
Since 2001, AMID filed 14 patents and developed over 15 software solutions.
Its solutions currently equip medical imaging equipments distributed by Siemens Medical Solution (CA, USA); Esaote SpA (Italy); Medison-Samsung (South Korea); Visualsonics (Canada); TomTec (Germany) and a few other minor companies. The same software are also included into offline workstations distributed for General Electrics and Philips.
AMID is currently recognized for multi-dimensional and multi-modal medical imaging and is partner of major clinical institutions for clinical research with several hundred scientific papers published with its commercial or prototype software.
AMID is a company certified EN 13485 (IEC EN 62304)

Meet our team

Giovanni Tonti

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Giovanni Tonti CEO / Founder Chief Medical Officer

Giovanni Tonti

CEO / Founder
Chief Medical Officer

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Giovanni Tonti
1979  Medical Degree ,“Sapienza” University of Rome
1992 Cardiology Specialist
Work experience
  • 1981-1991 Hospital Medical Assistant Internal Medicine and Cardiology
  • 1992 Chief  noninvasive cardiology laboratories
  • 2000 - 2006 Director noninvasive cardiology laboratories Cardiovascular Dept. of Annunziata Hospital, Sulmona
  • 2006 Director, Cardiovascular Dept. Catholic University of Sacred Hearth
  • 2007-2008 Scientific Consultant, Cardiovascular Dept. Catholic University of Sacred Hearth (CB)
  • 2008 -2012  Director of Noninvasive Cardiology , Cardiovascular Dept., AUSL L’Aquila
  • From 01.12 2012 to date Director Cardiolovascular rehabilitation , GEA Medical, European Institute of Rehabilitation, Isernia
  • From 2000 to date Honorary University Fellow, G D’annunzio University of Chieti
  • 2014 Scientific Consultant at CCNVD – (Center for Cardio and Neuro Vascular Researches) Neuromed Institute, "Sapienza" University of Rome

Other work experiences
Cofounder and CEO of AMID S.r.l. (Advanced Medical Imaging Developement)
Cofounder and CEO of LifeString S.r.l. (a company involved in cloud storage and remote processing of medical data)
SIEC (Italian Society of Echocardiography) as member of the Health Technology Assessment Committee
ANMCO (Italian Association of Hospital Cardiologists) from 2011 up today co-chairman of the e-Health committee 
More than 30 scientific paper in leading peer reviewed journals in the cardiology and biomedical engineering field

Gianni Pedrizzetti

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Gianni Pedrizzetti Co-founder Chief Scientific Officer

Gianni Pedrizzetti

Chief Scientific Officer

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Gianni Pedrizzetti

2006-present: Full Professor of Bioengineering (Professore Ordinario) University of Trieste, Trieste, Italy.
1994        PhD in Hydrodynamics, University of Padova, Italy
1987         Laurea (Master) in Civil Engineering, University of Firenze, Italy
Other Academic Appointments
2012 – 2013  Senior Research Associate, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, NY.
1998 – 2006  Associate Professor, School of Engineering, University of Trieste, Italy.
1998         Senior Research Associate, University of Cambridge, UK.
1992 – 1998  Permanent Research position, University of Firenze, Italy.
1994         Post-Doc, ETSIA, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain.
1992         Post-Doc, INLS, University of California San Diego, CA.
Reviewer: Assistant EU Commission (FP7-HEALTH). International grants agencies and major journals. Chairman and invited speaker in initiatives and conferences in fluid mechanics or cardiovascular sciences.
Consulting Activities
2006 – present       TomTec GmbH, Munich, Germany.
2004 – present       Siemens Medical Solutions, Ultrasound, Mountain View, CA.
2001 – present       Esaote Spa, Firenze and Genova, Italy.
Recent Grant support
2014 - 2017              Italian Minister of Education and Research (PRIN).
2010 - 2012              America Heart Association, USA (co-PI).
2009 - 2014              EU 7th Framework collaborative project. Grant no. 223615, FP7 – HEALTH – 2007-B. (Industrial Partner Advisor; Coordinated by Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium).

Emidio Marchese


Emidio Marchese Co-founder Chief Technical Officer and developer

Emidio Marchese

Chief Technical Officer and developer

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Since 2000, Chief Technical Officer and developer for AMID (Advanced Medfical Imaging Developments S. R. L., Sulmona, Italy).
Seventeen years as developer and systems responsible in the Italian public health sector.
Five years as IT teacher in a public technical high school. Competences
Advanced Programming Skills
− MC high level and low level languages (commodore/sinclair MC above all)
− Assembler MOS-6502/6510,Intel 8086, motorola 68000 - direct cpu programming.
− MS macro assembler
− MS QBasic
− Borland Turbo Pascal
− Operating systems knowledge: SCO Unix/xenix, IBM Aix, Novell Netware, MS-DOS, Windows.
− Ansi C language (the main progr. language for several years, DOS/windows/Unix apps)
− Zortech/Borland/MS C++ language including STL (the main progr. language until now)
− Low&High levels Database handling and programming.
− Low level (with C/Assembler progr.) data recovery from corrupted storage devices.
− Proprietary format structured data files for original apps., including hypertext (just before the web era).
− direct hardware programming/handling and serial communications for radio broadcasting and commercial shops.
− Low level (proprietary formats) Databases programming for researchers
− Indexing/searching methods (original development)
− statistics packages for clinical researchers
− network distributed apps for clinical purpose
− Dicom encoding/decoding programming (original development)
− 2D/3D graphical programming - OpenGL programming (original developments)
− Matrix handling/calculation and matrix mathematical functions programming (original development)

Other IT Advanced Skills
− DICOM standard for readining/writing medical imaging
o Echography (2D, 3D, Doppler)
o Magnetic Resonance
o Computer Aided Tomography
− Medical Imaging Processing Solutions.
− MatLab, The Matworks MA
− MS Office suite.
Regulatory Tools Expertize:
− RedMine tool for issue management and bug tracking
− Jira bug tracking system
− Tortoise SVN
− Italian, mother language
− English, read/write excellent, oral sufficient.